When to Buy a New Golf Glove

Golf Glove

Wearing a quality golf glove while you’re playing is exceptionally important because it’s the only part of your hand that’s touching the golf club. After repeated use, you’ll need a new golf glove or else your game will suffer. But when exactly should you buy one? In this article we tell you exactly when it’s the right time to think about getting a replacement.

Why Wear a Golf Glove

There are benefits to wearing a golf glove while you play. A golf glove keeps you from gripping the golf club too tightly. And too much grip pressure doesn’t make for a good swing – it puts a lot of tension in the hands and shoulders. Did you know that a good golf glove will help increase the swing rate of the club? This is because the extra weight on the end of the golf club will help you swing faster. Needless to say, it’s in your best interest to wear a golf glove so you can play at your best.

Why Gloves Wear Out

Many people complain that their golf glove wears out too fast. A golf glove wears out because there is friction. All gloves will eventually wear out but they will wear out quicker when friction is present. This means that the golf club is moving in your hand, causing the rubber of the golf grip to rub against the leather or synthetic glove you’re wearing. So the question becomes, what’s causing the friction?

The number one problem causing too much friction is improper handling of the golf club. Sometimes holding the golf club too much in the palm of the hand will cause it to slide around, especially on mishits. Even if you are holding the golf club in the correct position, hitting the ball on the toe and heel means you could have twisting in your hands.

The grip should also be held more in the fingers than in the palm. You’ll see wear in this part of the glove, often in the form of a hole near the thumb. The other problem is if the grip is too small. A small grip means you’ll throttle the golf club when you should be holding it like it’s a tube of toothpaste. You don’t want to squeeze out the contents. There should be just enough pressure to hold the golf club without dropping it.

When to Replace Your Golf Glove

Even if you’ve been using your golf glove for a couple of months, there should be no wear or marks on it. It’s okay if your glove is a little dirty – that’s to be expected, especially if you’re wearing a white glove. If you have a good grip and apply a gentle but firm pressure to the golf club, you won’t need a new glove anytime soon.

If there is any wear at all, then it is time for a new golf glove. Wear will inevitably occur to your golf glove when the leather or synthetic material is damaged due to frequent use. It will typically show up on the heel or thumb pad. If you start seeing these signs then a hole is likely around the corner.

A golf glove isn’t like a tennis shoe… wearing it in doesn’t mean it fit your hand any better. In fact, you’ll want a golf glove in tip top condition so the golf club won’t slip out of your hand. Any kind of wear will decrease performance so pick out a new golf glove so you can play at peak level.

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