Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs can be a tricky proposition, filled with numerous pitfalls and scam artists hoping to absorb your hard-earned dollars. So when people come to us looking for clubs, we’re not at all offended when they’re concerned about what we’re selling or what guarantees they have that the clubs they’ll receive are everything they hoped.

That’s why we partnered with one of the most reputable brands in the game, Titleist, to bring you a whole collection of Titleist Certified Pre-Owned golf clubs. Now, you don’t have just our word that the used golf clubs the delivery person brings will be in the exact condition we promised, you’ve also got the word of one of golf’s biggest names.


The Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Golf Clubs

Buying certified pre-owned clubs means that you’re getting gear that was checked and re-checked by the original manufacturer to ensure that not only are they graded properly, but that they’re free of defects. Certified pre-owned clubs are thoroughly cleaned so they can really tell where the problems are and regripped as needed to provide a club with a consistent grade from top to bottom.

Other benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Titleist clubs include:

Certified Authenticity. Titleist can sniff out a fake much more reliably than your golf buddies. When they certify that the clubs you’re getting are the real thing, you can be sure that the killer deal on that 915D2 you’ve had your eye on isn’t too good to be true.

Extended Warranty. Through our partnership with Titleist, we’re able to offer an extended warranty on any Certified Pre-Owned Titleist clubs purchased through our site. You’ve got a full 90 days to report any manufacturer or performance defects and we’ll make it right — we’re a certified Titleist warranty fulfillment center, after all.

Performance Guarantee. Along with our 100% Happy Guarantee, our Certified Titleist gear comes with an additional guarantee that it’ll perform to your expectations had you purchased it new. So if that set of AP1 714 irons isn’t up to snuff, just let us know and we’ll pay for the shipping back.

16-Point Inspection. Every used Titleist club that’s destined to be certified has to undergo a rigorous 16-point inspection. Everything from the grip to the shaft and head is checked for structural integrity and each club is checked for proper lie and loft. All flaws are carefully recorded and photos are taken to document the condition of the club so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We’re proud to bring you only the best in pre-owned golf gear, that’s why we partnered with Titleist in the first place. Come check out the savings on Certified Pre-Owned Titleist gear from drivers to woods and irons on our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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