The Winningest Women’s Drivers of the LPGA

Pornanong Phatlum

The LPGA Tour is winding down for the year. With less than a dozen events left on the schedule, this is a great time to talk about gear. Advanced golfers looking for women’s drivers often look to the LPGA to see what’s working in practice. It helps them narrow the field of drivers to just a few candidates for their upgrade. If you’re one of those fortunate souls, stick with us as we run down what the ladies of golf are playing this year.

TaylorMade is Controlling the Tour

No matter how you turn the numbers, TaylorMade is dominating the LPGA for the second year in a row. There’s a great reason for this. TaylorMade women’s golf clubs are as fierce as the ladies who are hitting them. Of the 58 wins in the 2013 season, a staggering 35 of them belonged to a TaylorMade driver! The R1 earned 19 of its own last year. It’s a feat that nothing else in the field could even touch. Tied for second, with four wins each, were the TaylorMade SLDR Driver, TaylorMade R11, Ping Anser and Ping G25.

Ping was the second most-winning driver brand on tour in 2013. But it seems a little like a drop in the ocean when you compare their nine wins to TaylorMade’s 35. The Anser, G25 and i20 all eked out a win or four last season. But this excellent club manufacturer can’t touch TaylorMade in representation on the leaderboard.

So far in 2014, the picture isn’t too different. TaylorMade still dominates, though Callaway has bumped Ping to third place. We’ve got a few more major events to play through this fall before we can declare the drivers with the most wins of 2014. But TaylorMade is way ahead of the game again this season.

What Does it Mean for Me?

Professional level players and those who aim to be, tend to play with the same gear. So knowing what’s working is good information if you’re shopping for clubs. There’s no guarantee that TaylorMade’s drivers will give you the same distance as Inbee Park or Pornanong Phatlum. But it’s reason enough to give them a try before choosing your next driver.

For the average female golfer, what works for the pros isn’t going to work for you – although there are exceptions. You’ll want to focus your new club trials on game improvement clubs with lots of loft to help you get the ball in the air. Adjustable clubs are great for players looking to improve their game. Since they grow along with you, you gain more skill and strength.

No matter if you’re a professional golfer or just getting started in the game, we’ve got drivers for your play level at With our huge catalog of both new and gently used gear, there’s no reason to buy your next driver anywhere else.

Photo credit: By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – Pornanong Phatlum, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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